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A slow beautiful contemporary ballad. Features acoustic guitar backed by a light rhythm section. Has a sophisticated and sensitive feel.

Wedding Waltz

A medium flowing waltz with a sentimental feel. French horn and flute are backed by guitar strings and light percussion. Excellent for soft reminiscent moments

Walk Softly

A very beautiful open piece with a regal feel. Oboe and bells are lead instruments.


A flowing new age type of piece. Bells and voices are featured along with acoustic guitars and soft synthesizers.

Prelude In C

A peaceful flowing traditional classical piano piece. Useful in many situations.


A light but spirited classical guitar and flute piece. Very pleasant.


A classical string trio piece with a spirited upbeat mood. Bright and stately.

On Wings

A peaceful classical piano piece with a wistful feel. Very soothing.

Harp Suite

A musical suite for classical harp. Very beautiful and relaxing.

Piano Sonata

A light spirited upbeat classical piano piece. Has a fun, playful feel.