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The Islands

An upbeat festive theme that has a Caribbean flavor. Great for travel and party images.


A Jamaican Reggae piece with a light happy feel. Useful in situations that have a light fun mood.


Rich full cinematic theme with guitars, piano, strings and full drum kit. Upbeat feel

Loveboat Baby

A tropical pop piece jazzy-samba feel. Mellow sax lead, strings, guitar, bass, drums and latin percussion are featured. Great for vacation scenes, romantic nights, elegance.

The Tropics

A light Latin-Pop piece, featuring marimba, Latin percussion, flute, and electric guitar. Great for vacation videos, celebrations, dances, ocean scenes.

Samba Night

A great tropical theme, full of vitality and fun. Marimbas, Latin pop percussion and synth lead give a festive party feel.


This upbeat Pop theme has a playful tropical feel. Steel drums, flute, and Latin percussion are featured.

Ocean Groove

A medium tempo theme featuring pan flute, guitars, marimba, and percussion. Ideal for beach scenes and travel.


A medium tempo jazz/pop theme. Has a sophisticated and relaxed feel. Features saxophone and trumpet with a Latin/pop rhythm. Very useful with many shots: travel, parties, vacations, etc.


An upbeat Latin samba or worldbeat piece. Has a tropical party” flavor with lots of fun energy. Features saxophone and steel drums with Latin percussion. Great for travel or vacation shots.”