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A dramatic richly orchestrated piece with pads, piano, guitars and exotic techno percussion. Moody and expansive, with an urban feel.


A light, airy theme featuring open breathy reed sounds, piano, and delicate bells. Great for outdoor, sailing, underwater and aerial scenes.

Winter Sun

his mysterious and exotic piece features double reed, hand drums, percussion and synth accents. Excellent for wildlife photography, documentaries.


A bittersweet theme featuring oboe, flute, 12-string guitar, tone drums and fretless bass. The slow spacious opening moves into the gently rhythmic main section, with a slight Classical feel. Very versatile.


This gentle theme is done in a Celtic style. Harp, double reed and strings are featured. Great for romantic and Old World scenes


A cinematic theme with piano, clarinet, cello and strings. Has a definite Classical feel, with two contrasting sections. Great for romantic, Old World and documentary scenes.


This tranquil meditative theme follows a slow cycle, gently building to a quietly majestic finish. Rich synth pads and bell accents create a spacious and contemplative atmosphere. Great for underwater video.

Rain Forest

An exotic piece featuring wooden flute, hand percussion and organ. Mysterious and moody, great for tropical, rain forest, desert and underwater scenes.

The Dream

This theme features electric jazz guitar, bass, warm synth pad, brushes and kick drum. Exotic and meditative. Excellent for outdoor scenery, travelogues.


A gently rolling Easy-Listening piece with a slight anthem-like feel. Features harp, piano, bells, clav-pad, fretless bass, flute and harmonica. Great for documentaries, educational and children’s videos.