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Walkin’ Blues

A medium blues shuffle with an edge.” Features blues guitar and harmonica lead. Has a great cookin’ contemporary blues feel.”

Auto Rock

This blues-rock theme features electric guitars, baritone sax, organ, piano, bass and drums. Playful feel, perfect for auto shows, classic cars, etc.

Truck Monster

A straight-ahead guitar Rock piece with bass & drums. Perfect for truck rallies, whitewater rafting, and all high-energy sports. Heavy Southern Rock feel, medium-fast tempo.


Electric crunch” guitars are featured in this upbeat


This high-energy theme features rock guitars, bass, and drums. The straight-ahead rock feel is balanced with a strong jazz-fusion middle section. Great for car races, surfing, dance videos.

Bull Rider

A straight-ahead country rocker featuring electric and pedal guitar, piano, bass and drums. Great for sports rodeo, and any action scenes.


Medium-upbeat Country Rock with slide and acoustic guitars, piano, bass, and drums. Energetic music for urban cowboy, sports, and travel scenes.


A funky Rock piece with a wide range of electric guitar textures. Upbeat. Great for Sports & Action video.


An outstanding example of classic R&B/Soul, featuring fabulous horns and wah” guitar. Great for urban and high-energy scenes. Upbeat


An easy Swing piece with a modern feel. Features electric guitar lead, with piano, bass, and drums in a solid, medium groove.