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Rainy Day

Piano, strings, guitar and light orchestral percussion and featured in this dreamy, moody piece. Ambient, introspective and cinematic.


A powerful, futuristic Techno piece. High-tech percussion, organ, synth and moog bass are featured. Medium tempo, very intense, with a hint of danger.


Moody and dramatic, this piece creates an atmosphere of mystery and a hint of danger. Features analog synth sounds, bells and strings. Very open and spacious.

Street Lights

A quietly moody swing piece, featuring brush kit drums, slow-attack jazz guitar, synth pad and bass. Mysterious, infectious, and cinematic. Great for late-night urban scenes.


A serious, upbeat suspense theme, with dramatic orchestral hits and a frantic synth rhythm track. Futuristic and high-energy. Great for scenes of danger and action; strong urban feel. Also, perfect for action sports.


A high-tech Industrial theme with a slightly mysterious feel. Soft pizzicato strings, synth bass and light percussion are featured.


This exotic theme evokes the mystery of Asian mountains. Beautiful and powerful, featuring gamelon, synth choir and drums.


An upbeat theme that is energetic and mysterious. Richly textured with synth lead, choir, and percussion. Metro” has the dynamic pulse of urban life”

Cat Walk

Slightly mysterious, with a feeling of intrigue. Possible travelogue. Easy listening. Features solo piano & electric guitar with bell accents.


Serious driving bass line that reaches a release point” and eases out. Features hip synth pad sound. Great for industrials.”