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A light, jazzy piece, with a playful and relaxing feel. Features guitar, accordian, electric piano, organ, drums and bass. Great for travel, documentary, and vacation video.

Any Time

A medium-tempo, jazz-pop theme with twin sax and jazz guitar leads, electric piano, bass and drums. Great for scenes of classic elegance and romance

Loving You

Easy guitar piece with two strumming acoustics and pipe organ solo. Full ensemble, medium tempo.

In The Night

This stylish medium-tempo pop-jazz piece features sax lead, electric guitar, piano, bass and drums. Light breezy feel, perfect for scenes of sophisticated elegance, parties, romance.

Summer Afternoon

A medium tempo Pop theme. Very positive bouncy feel. Features acoustic lead guitar, synth piano, bass, strings, and brush kit drums. Excellent for happy outdoor scenes, travel videos.

Day Dream

A light medium tempo Pop theme with easy jazz guitar lead. Relaxed and romantic, with synth pad, piano, bass, and drums. Great for outdoor scenes, day in the park, sailing, etc.

Street Lights

A quietly moody swing piece, featuring brush kit drums, slow-attack jazz guitar, synth pad and bass. Mysterious, infectious, and cinematic. Great for late-night urban scenes.

Sea Breeze

A medium tempo Pop-Jazz theme featuring an elegant jazz guitar lead, piano, Latin percussion, synth sweep, and strings. Exotic. slightly mysterious and dreamy.

West Coast

This Pop theme has a light jazz feel, with a slightly serious middle section. Electric piano, strings, and Pop percussion are featured. Romantic and fun, with a great Adult Contemporary sound. Medium tempo.

Feel Good

An upbeat danceable groove featuring electric piano, fretless bass,, guitars and Latin percussion. Great as an opener, and for any happy or positive scene.