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A medium contemporary theme in a minor key that has a jazz flavor. Very useful in scenes that have a serious or moody look.


This medium tempo theme features acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Very American feel, jazzy yet romantic.

Back to You

Guitars, piano and drums stand out in this acoustic pop theme. Jazzy and romantic, great for scenes of travel and movement.

Rainy Day

Piano, strings, guitar and light orchestral percussion and featured in this dreamy, moody piece. Ambient, introspective and cinematic.

Come to Pappa

Sassy and fun, this acoustic jazz-pop piece features guitar, organ, drums and bass. Great upbeat feel.

The Saints Go Marching In

A sparkling rendition of this timeless gospel tune features trumpet, trombone, tuba, banjo, and drums. Inspirational and fun.

On The Street

An upbeat theme with an exciting cinematic urban feel. Features sax lead, electric guitars and piano, bass and drums. Excellent opener for film and corporate video.

Loveboat Baby

A tropical pop piece jazzy-samba feel. Mellow sax lead, strings, guitar, bass, drums and latin percussion are featured. Great for vacation scenes, romantic nights, elegance.

Jazz Land

This moody piece has a jazz-swing feel, featuring slap bass, sax and drums. Two distinctly different sections in this theme.

What’s Up

Easy jazz guitar theme with electric accents, bass, drums and piano. Positive feel good flavor. Medium tempo.