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A beautiful slow flowing contemporary theme with a regal” flavor. Excellent for weddings or nature shots.”


A slow, gentle, flowing New Age theme. Excellent for wedding and nature shots.

In Flight

A medium New Age piece that has a flowing feel. Features strings and synthesizers and has a dreamy mystic quality.

Majestic Moments

An open” New Age type of piece. Features very lush

Coming Home

Several acoustic guitars are featured in this romantic piece. Open and spacious. Soft percussion. Medium tempo

Rainy Day

Piano, strings, guitar and light orchestral percussion and featured in this dreamy, moody piece. Ambient, introspective and cinematic.

O Titanic

This Celtic theme has a rich old world flavor. Irish tin whistle, guitar and tambourine are featured. Very Cinematic


A dramatic richly orchestrated piece with pads, piano, guitars and exotic techno percussion. Moody and expansive, with an urban feel.


A light, airy theme featuring open breathy reed sounds, piano, and delicate bells. Great for outdoor, sailing, underwater and aerial scenes.

Winter Sun

his mysterious and exotic piece features double reed, hand drums, percussion and synth accents. Excellent for wildlife photography, documentaries.