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Change Up

An upbeat contemporary theme with a positive feel. Great for an opening theme or where there is movement in the visuals.

Honey Waltz

A medium 3/4 time piece that has a moving, breezy” feel. Has flute and guitar as lead instruments and is great in outdoor shots with movement”

The Islands

An upbeat festive theme that has a Caribbean flavor. Great for travel and party images.


A Jamaican Reggae piece with a light happy feel. Useful in situations that have a light fun mood.


A medium rolling along” type of piece with a country flavor. Works well with travel shots and other moving visuals.”

Surfin Rock

This classic surf tune features stratocaster guitar, organ, bass and drums. Great for surfing, snowboarding and other sports scenes. Upbeat.


This medium tempo theme features acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Very American feel, jazzy yet romantic.

Summer Day

This happy country-pop tune features acoustic guitars, bass, piano, strings and brush kit drums. Upbeat tempo, positive good time feel.

Blues Diddy

Two acoustic guitars and hi hat give this theme a bluesy down home feel.

Come to Pappa

Sassy and fun, this acoustic jazz-pop piece features guitar, organ, drums and bass. Great upbeat feel.