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Good Times

This medium-tempo piece has great energy and a fun, tropical feel

Techno Talk

This funky dance groove is great for aerobic workout videos, dancing, sports, and urban scenes. Features synth leads, techno percussion, electric guitar accents


A straight-ahead dance groove. High-tech percussion and synth leads create a sensual, futuristic atmosphere. Wild, high energy.

Razzle Dazzle

A powerful, upbeat piece featuring high-tech percussion and synth lead. Perfect for scenes of high-speed action.


This danceable Hip-hop groove is playful and exuberant. Stylized, high-tech percussion and synth lead are featured. Medium tempo

House Party

An upbeat dance groove with hot percussion and synth lead. Energetic and exciting.


A funk-style upbeat groove, featuring synth lead and high-energy percussion. Great for Sports and scenes of action.


A high-energy action piece, featuring moog bass, rock guitar and percussion. Great for serious action shots, Sports, drag racing, Dance, etc.

Jet Set

Jazz style, samba flavor, featuring flute with sax accents. Smooth & upbeat.

Techno Groove

An upbeat dance theme, featuring Hammond B-3 Organ. Hot techno- percussion & string accents. High energy.