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Industrial Park

Steady, mechanical percussion is contrasted with soft synth pad and horn textures. Great as a film opener, and for city scenes, corporate/industrial productions. Medium tempo.


A serious, upbeat suspense theme, with dramatic orchestral hits and a frantic synth rhythm track. Futuristic and high-energy. Great for scenes of danger and action; strong urban feel. Also, perfect for action sports.


This dramatic Industrial theme features strings, horns, and tympani. Creates an atmosphere of power and determination.


A high-tech Industrial theme with a slightly mysterious feel. Soft pizzicato strings, synth bass and light percussion are featured.


Strings, flutes, and light percussion are featured in this medium-tempo theme. Great for promotional and industrial scenes, with a positive feel.


A fully-orchestrated piece with tympani, string section, and oboe, clarinet & electric guitar leads. Strong Industrial/Documentary style. Great for scenes of accomplishment and victory.

Straight Ahead

A powerful, orchestrated piece with a steady, urgent beat. Strings, horns, and percussion are featured. Compelling.

Leap OF Faith

A majestic theme, fully orchestrated, featuring strings and tympani. Very cinematic; great for scenes of high drama.


This orchestrated theme moves from a serious opening section to a triumphant chorus. Great for scenes of challenge and struggle. Medium tempo.


A dramatic, orchestrated theme with a feel of the American West. The powerful arrangement features strings, tympani, and twin electric guitars.