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Change Up

An upbeat contemporary theme with a positive feel. Great for an opening theme or where there is movement in the visuals.

Looking Up

A medium upbeat theme that portrays a positive image. Useful in many situations that have an uplifting type mood.


A medium rolling along” type of piece with a country flavor. Works well with travel shots and other moving visuals.”

Robot Dancer

An impressionistic, urban piece, in 6/4 time. Varied instrumental textures include, moog bass, oboe, vocal pad, strings, bass and drums. Perfect for city scapes, medium tempo.


A powerful, dynamic theme, featuring electric guitars, strings, organ, vibes, bass and drums. Upbeat tempo. Strong corporate – industrial feel, good for sports.


A techno-pop theme with synth guitar lead and sports-style horn lines. Great for bicycle & auto racing and other sports/action scenes. Medium tempo.

Strike Zone

A high-tech theme with a serious, futuristic urban feel. Features moog bass, techno percussion and synth guitar. Very cinematic, medium tempo


A dramatic, upbeat theme. The rolling percussion contrasts the noble horn lines. Great for scenes with a lot of movement/industrial feel.


A powerful, futuristic Techno piece. High-tech percussion, organ, synth and moog bass are featured. Medium tempo, very intense, with a hint of danger.


An upbeat Techno-Dance piece. Features moog bass, horns, pan flute and high-tech percussion. Very versatile, great for sports, action, urban scenes.