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Change Up

An upbeat contemporary theme with a positive feel. Great for an opening theme or where there is movement in the visuals.

Honey Waltz

A medium 3/4 time piece that has a moving, breezy” feel. Has flute and guitar as lead instruments and is great in outdoor shots with movement”


An upbeat, driving, sports-type theme. Features organ, synthesizers, and guitar for a contemporary sound. Works great with visuals that have a lot of action.


A medium contemporary theme in a minor key that has a jazz flavor. Very useful in scenes that have a serious or moody look.

The Islands

An upbeat festive theme that has a Caribbean flavor. Great for travel and party images.

Green Leaf

A medium tempo theme featuring acoustic guitar. A sweet moving piece that has a nice outdoor flavor.

Looking Up

A medium upbeat theme that portrays a positive image. Useful in many situations that have an uplifting type mood.


A beautiful slow flowing contemporary theme with a regal” flavor. Excellent for weddings or nature shots.”


A Jamaican Reggae piece with a light happy feel. Useful in situations that have a light fun mood.


A slow, gentle, flowing New Age theme. Excellent for wedding and nature shots.