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A fully-orchestrated comedy piece featuring clarinet, double reeds, and novelty percussion. Playful and upbeat.

Piano Roll

A solo Ragtime Piano theme. Great for oldtime nostalgic scenes. Has a sweet melody! Medium tempo.

The Clown

A medium-tempo Comedy piece, with clarinet, muted trumpet, percussion, piano and synth bass! Slight swing feel.


A piano theme in the style of Scott Joplin. Great for scenes of saloons, and riverboat gamblers. Tuba and hi-hat accompaniment. Medium tempo.

Old Gray Mare

A hilarious arrangement of this classic folk song. Features toy piano lead, with muted trumpet and wah-wah” guitar. Slow tempo.”


An upbeat piano and tuba piece with slide-whistle accents. Music for Saturday night at the beer hall.


A Carnival atmosphere is featured in this upbeat swing piece. Reeds and percussion create a calliope-like exuberance.

Silent Movie

A dramatic Stride-Piano piece with a touch of percussion. Recalls the days of the five-cent silent movie shows


A frantic, upbeat cartoon piece featuring xylophone, of course! Fully orchestrated with piano, flutes, and percussion. (Where’s that mouse!??)


A Ragtime Piano piece punctuated with drum rolls and cymbals. This medium-tempo piece is great for jugglers, clowns, and other novelty acts.