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O Titanic

This Celtic theme has a rich old world flavor. Irish tin whistle, guitar and tambourine are featured. Very Cinematic


This gentle theme is done in a Celtic style. Harp, double reed and strings are featured. Great for romantic and Old World scenes


A warm, cinematic theme with a slight bittersweet feel. Cello, oboe, violins, and piano are featured in this evocative New Age piece

Antique Shop

A delightful waltz featuring bowed double bass, violas, harp and glockenspiel. Great for scenes from antique shops, attics, family photo albums. Sweetly nostalgic


A majestic, fully orchestrated theme, featuring strings, reeds, snare, and tympani. Wonderful for scenes of pomp and royalty.


This soft melody New Age theme features cello, harp, and violin. Excellent for Nature photography. Has a Classical feel.

Classic Age

Cellos and pizzicato strings are featured in this dramatic New Age piece with a strong Classical/European flavor.

Prelude In C

A peaceful flowing traditional classical piano piece. Useful in many situations.


A light but spirited classical guitar and flute piece. Very pleasant.


A classical string trio piece with a spirited upbeat mood. Bright and stately.