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A Jamaican Reggae piece with a light happy feel. Useful in situations that have a light fun mood.

Home Again

A warm, easy tempo Pop theme with a semi-classical feel. Great for storytelling, children, fantasy, scenes of royalty. Sweetly optimistic. With synth oboe leads, strings, light percussion

Central Park

An easy, relaxing Pop piece, perfect for outdoor scenes, picnics, family gatherings, etc. Woodwinds, reeds, electric piano, and light percussion are featured.


A warm New Age/Classical piece, featuring cello, woodwinds, and 12 string guitar. Very peaceful, and slightly playful. Old World charm.


A fully-orchestrated comedy piece featuring clarinet, double reeds, and novelty percussion. Playful and upbeat.

Piano Roll

A solo Ragtime Piano theme. Great for oldtime nostalgic scenes. Has a sweet melody! Medium tempo.

The Clown

A medium-tempo Comedy piece, with clarinet, muted trumpet, percussion, piano and synth bass! Slight swing feel.

Old Gray Mare

A hilarious arrangement of this classic folk song. Features toy piano lead, with muted trumpet and wah-wah” guitar. Slow tempo.”


A Carnival atmosphere is featured in this upbeat swing piece. Reeds and percussion create a calliope-like exuberance.


A frantic, upbeat cartoon piece featuring xylophone, of course! Fully orchestrated with piano, flutes, and percussion. (Where’s that mouse!??)