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The Saints Go Marching In

A sparkling rendition of this timeless gospel tune features trumpet, trombone, tuba, banjo, and drums. Inspirational and fun.


The authentic arrangement features banjo lead, guitar, acoustic bass and drums. A lively return to the old south.

Grand Old Flag

This stirring patriotic George M. Cohan theme features the whole brass band: trumpets, trombones, tubas, flute, drums and glockenspiel. You’ll be ready to enlist.

Swanee River

Stephen Foster’s classic tune shines in this upbeat bluegrass arrangement. Features guitar, slide dobro, banjo, harmonica and acoustic bass.

Stars and Stripes Forever

Maybe the best march ever. This John Phillip Sousa masterpiece is presented in the authentic 19th century arrangement. Full horn section, drums, glockenspiel, and of course the piccolo

Oh Sussanna

This lovely Stephen Foster song will never go out of style. Mandolin, guitar, dobro, banjo, bass and drums give it the feel of the old minstrel shows.

Over There

A great theme from the great war. Al gull brass band with trumpets, trombones, tuba and drums is featured.

Home On The Range

This lovely cowboy’s tune features acoustic and pedal steel guitars, drums and bass. The old west with a slight Spanish feel.

Yankee Doodle Boy

Another George M. Cohan classic, featuring trumpet, piccolo, clarinet, bass and drums. Has a crisp military feel.

Yellow Rose of Texas

This traditional favorite features harmonica, acoustic guitar, banjo, and full rhythm section. Has the authentic feel of the old west.