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Electric crunch” guitars are featured in this upbeat


An upbeat Techno-Dance piece. Features moog bass, horns, pan flute and high-tech percussion. Very versatile, great for sports, action, urban scenes.

Runnin’ Free

A medium-upbeat network style theme, featuring electric guitar, horns, bass and drums. Great for scenes of victory, outdoor action. Very positive.


This high-energy theme features rock guitars, bass, and drums. The straight-ahead rock feel is balanced with a strong jazz-fusion middle section. Great for car races, surfing, dance videos.


A serious, upbeat suspense theme, with dramatic orchestral hits and a frantic synth rhythm track. Futuristic and high-energy. Great for scenes of danger and action; strong urban feel. Also, perfect for action sports.


A high-tech Industrial theme with a slightly mysterious feel. Soft pizzicato strings, synth bass and light percussion are featured.


A straight-ahead dance groove. High-tech percussion and synth leads create a sensual, futuristic atmosphere. Wild, high energy.


A funky Rock piece with a wide range of electric guitar textures. Upbeat. Great for Sports & Action video.

Razzle Dazzle

A powerful, upbeat piece featuring high-tech percussion and synth lead. Perfect for scenes of high-speed action.


A stirring and inspiring theme with string section, electric piano, and flugel horn lead. Slight documentary feel, anthem-like, for scenes of dedicated effort. Medium tempo.