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The Journey

This medium tempo piece features viola, acoustic guitar, piano and brush kit drums. The rolling rhythm and wistful feel are perfect for scenes of progress and movement. Cinematic

Coming Home

Several acoustic guitars are featured in this romantic piece. Open and spacious. Soft percussion. Medium tempo


This medium tempo theme features acoustic guitars, bass and drums. Very American feel, jazzy yet romantic.

East Meets West

Exotic Asian instruments contrast with acoustic guitars and brush kit drums to create a unique sense of mystery and adventure. Perfect for travelogues, multi-cultural video.

Summer Day

This happy country-pop tune features acoustic guitars, bass, piano, strings and brush kit drums. Upbeat tempo, positive good time feel.

Back to You

Guitars, piano and drums stand out in this acoustic pop theme. Jazzy and romantic, great for scenes of travel and movement.

Rainy Day

Piano, strings, guitar and light orchestral percussion and featured in this dreamy, moody piece. Ambient, introspective and cinematic.

Blues Diddy

Two acoustic guitars and hi hat give this theme a bluesy down home feel.


This romantic theme features acoustic guitar and strings. Slow to medium tempo. A bittersweet minor key theme.