For any professional in the video or multimedia industry, PBTM music is definitely a must. This buy-out library offers a huge variety of styles at a price you just can't beat. The quality of the productions is impeccable. PBTM's writers, musicians and sound engineers have done a great job. The library comes with a full documentation that makes sure that you won't have any trouble with copyrights when using this collection in a commercial production. If I had to work with just one library, the PBTM collection would definitely be my choice.

- Michael Moppert, CEO of Bidule, one of Switzerland's leading multimedia and internet production companies.

"Buyout a little simpler. You just purchase an entire album, tape or CD and you possess the rights to use any tune on the recording. One of the oldest and most established providers of buyout music to the camcorder enthusiast and prosumer is Oregon-based QCCS Productions. Their PBTM music collection has been among the leaders in wedding, industrial and special-event background music. Volumes 4 and 8 both contain high-energy, cleanly mastered tunes, perfect for blazing sports footage as well as other dynamic types of productions. These fast-paced, multiple-rhythm tracks are great sound beds to use. Translated, that means these are perfect for a diverse spectrum of commercial, educational and industrial applications."

- Camcorder Magazine

I have used this 'buyout' music from ZM Squared ($100/album), The Production Garden ($170/album), and lately from PBTM music Productions ($70/album). If you do weddings, only ZM Squared and PBTM seem to have wedding music. PBTM is my personal section on that. I've used about six albums from ZM Squared and three albums from QCCS, my personal favorite."

- From the CVA NEWSLETTER (California Videographers Association, Sacramento California)

"Okay, you just finished that 30 or 60-second spot for a TV commercial; or the documentary that you worked on for six months for PBS; or you just finished a wedding and you want to add music. Where are you going to get the music? Music is copyrighted just like most books. Copyright infringement is big business for lawyers. You will have to buy rights to use music for your video and that's expensive (upwards of $500 or more per song). Of course you can have someone make a 30 to 60-second music spot for you for $250 to $750. Ouch! Before you go broke playing this game, you should know that there is help. PBTM Royalty Free Music. This is music for which you pay a one-time fee and then you can use the music as many times as you need. Most Royalty-Free music is expensive though (around $500 for one tape) or it's worse than elevator music and very poorly done. Well, after a four-year hunt, I have found a company that is almost too good to be true. A company that deals in such volume that they can afford to give you Pro-Background Theme Music at an affordable price. The name of the company is QCCS Productions. This music is great for everything from TV commercials to film-to-video transfers; from weddings to graduations. All songs are different; all songs are great."

- From Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Home Video Editing by John P. Johnston "

"The company with the BEST music that I found is QCCS Productions with their PBTM music library. This company has been written up in magazine after magazine as having the best buyout music there is that covers everything. After getting their library of music you will never again have to buy another piece of music whether you are producing an infomercial or a movie... Not only is the music fabulous, but there are no hassles regarding legal issues, paperwork, or royalty fees."

- William SerGio, The Infomercial King(tm)

"I've listed those publishers who sent me actual music demos instead of marketing hype. There is absolutely no correlation between price and sound. Some discs are absolute rip-offs; others are genuine bargains... PBTM Music [is] definitely a buy-out best buy. A wide range of musically creative pop and specialty sounds, long enough for scoring, with good production."

- Jay Rose for Digital Video Magazine


Instant Music Now / PBTM Customers include:

  • HBO
  • IBM
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • US Coast Guard
  • Nutralite
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Dow Jones
  • Horizon Airlines
  • Texas A&M
  • University of Texas
  • and much more



What you can do with Royalty Free Music from Instant Music Now

We love seeing what users do with the royalty free music they download. Check out this video of divers helping an injured dolphin in Hawaii. Not only is it awesome to watch, but it features the song Vision as the background track!

Have a video or song you’ve used our tracks in and would like to share? Let us know over on the contact page.