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Volume A/B – Contemporary Variety

Volume A/B contains 16 of the most popular contemporary variety pieces, taken from PBTM’s original Volumes 1 and 2. Excellent for documentaries, commercials, nature scenery and a variety of other applications. 16 long themes, no segues.

$69.95 per CD.  Discounts available when purchasing more than 4 CD’s throughout volumes A/B thru 25 and C series.  Available in CD audio, Waves or Mp3 direct to disc.

All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased cd disc does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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Volume Contains 16 Long Tracks

Change Up - #AB01
An upbeat contemporary theme with a positive feel. Great for an opening theme or where there is movement in the visuals.
Honey Waltz - #AB02
A medium 3/4 time piece that has a moving, breezy" feel. Has flute and guitar as lead instruments and is great in outdoor shots with movement"
Mirage - #AB03
An upbeat, driving, sports-type theme. Features organ, synthesizers, and guitar for a contemporary sound. Works great with visuals that have a lot of action.
Moments - #AB04
A medium contemporary theme in a minor key that has a jazz flavor. Very useful in scenes that have a serious or moody look.
The Islands - #AB05
An upbeat festive theme that has a Caribbean flavor. Great for travel and party images.
Green Leaf - #AB06
A medium tempo theme featuring acoustic guitar. A sweet moving piece that has a nice outdoor flavor.
Looking Up - #AB07
A medium upbeat theme that portrays a positive image. Useful in many situations that have an uplifting type mood.
Regalia - #AB08
A beautiful slow flowing contemporary theme with a regal" flavor. Excellent for weddings or nature shots."
Jamaica - #AB09
A Jamaican Reggae piece with a light happy feel. Useful in situations that have a light fun mood.
Memories - #AB10
A slow, gentle, flowing New Age theme. Excellent for wedding and nature shots.
Walkin' Blues - #AB11
A medium blues shuffle with an edge." Features blues guitar and harmonica lead. Has a great cookin' contemporary blues feel."
Horizons - #AB12
A contemporary piece in a minor mode. Features guitar and synthesizer leads. Has a definitely serious, moody, city feel.
Cruisin' - #AB13
A medium groove" type of piece. Has an upbeat feel and features guitar and electric piano. Useful with many moods."
In Flight - #AB14
A medium New Age piece that has a flowing feel. Features strings and synthesizers and has a dreamy mystic quality.
Traveling - #AB15
A medium rolling along" type of piece with a country flavor. Works well with travel shots and other moving visuals."
Majestic Moments - #AB16
An open" New Age type of piece. Features very lush