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Volume 21 – Hot Tracks Sports & Action

Volume 21 contains a wide variety of Royalty Free powerful Sports & Action music, featuring sophisticated guitar themes, Techno music, and high energy Rock styles. 12 long themes plus 24 segues.

$69.95 per CD.  Discounts available when purchasing more than 4 CD’s throughout volumes A/B thru 25 and C series.  Available in CD audio, Waves or Mp3 direct to disc.

All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased cd disc does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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FREE Shipping on all CDs / Flash drives shipped in the US!

Volume Contains 12 Long Tracks Plus 24 Royalty Free Segues

Show Time - #2101
A dramatic, cinematic opener, featuring electric guitar, horns, and electric piano. High energy, sophisticated network style
Euro-Sport - #2102
A techno-pop theme with synth guitar lead and sports-style horn lines. Great for bicycle & auto racing and other sports/action scenes. Medium tempo.
Truck Monster - #2103
A straight-ahead guitar Rock piece with bass & drums. Perfect for truck rallies, whitewater rafting, and all high-energy sports. Heavy Southern Rock feel, medium-fast tempo.
Strike Zone - #2104
A high-tech theme with a serious, futuristic urban feel. Features moog bass, techno percussion and synth guitar. Very cinematic, medium tempo
Challenge - #2105
A dramatic, cinematic sports/documentary theme, featuring French horns, piano, high-energy percussion and guitar. Medium tempo. Great for scenes of training and accomplishment.
Punkster - #2106
This upbeat piece has a strong British feel. Features electric guitar, organ and growling bass guitar, with a more open feel in the middle section
Empire - #2107
A dramatic, upbeat theme. The rolling percussion contrasts the noble horn lines. Great for scenes with a lot of movement/industrial feel.
Good Times - #2108
This medium-tempo piece has great energy and a fun, tropical feel
Metropolis - #2109
A powerful, futuristic Techno piece. High-tech percussion, organ, synth and moog bass are featured. Medium tempo, very intense, with a hint of danger.
Frantic - #2110
Electric crunch" guitars are featured in this upbeat
Zombie - #2111
An upbeat Techno-Dance piece. Features moog bass, horns, pan flute and high-tech percussion. Very versatile, great for sports, action, urban scenes.
Runnin' Free - #2112
A medium-upbeat network style theme, featuring electric guitar, horns, bass and drums. Great for scenes of victory, outdoor action. Very positive.