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Volume 13 – Contemporary Variety Mixed Styles

Volume 13 contains a broad spectrum of Royalty Free contemporary selections in styles appropriate for Sports, Documentaries, Industrials, Dance, and Soft Mood Images. 12 long themes plus 24 segues.

$69.95 per CD.  Discounts available when purchasing more than 4 CD’s throughout volumes A/B thru 25 and C series.  Available in CD audio, Waves or Mp3 direct to disc.

All Demos fade in and out and include voice over tags in various sections. Your purchased cd disc does not include the voice overs or fadeouts.

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FREE Shipping on all CDs / Flash drives shipped in the US!

Volume Contains 12 Long Tracks Plus 24 Royalty Free Segues

Jazzy - #1301
This medium tempo theme features electric guitar and piano melodies, with bell accents. Very uplifting contemporary textures.
Evolution - #1302
A New Age style theme, featuring Pan Flute melody with slow, relaxed tempo. Conveys a feeling of sure, steady progress.
Night Out - #1303
A medium tempo theme, featuring mellow electric guitar lead and a hint of Latin percussion. Great for scenes depicting the bright side of the city.
Metro - #1304
An upbeat theme that is energetic and mysterious. Richly textured with synth lead, choir, and percussion. Metro" has the dynamic pulse of urban life"
Processional - #1305
A majestic, fully orchestrated theme, featuring strings, reeds, snare, and tympani. Wonderful for scenes of pomp and royalty.
Urgency - #1306
A funk-style upbeat groove, featuring synth lead and high-energy percussion. Great for Sports and scenes of action.
Butterfly - #1307
This soft melody New Age theme features cello, harp, and violin. Excellent for Nature photography. Has a Classical feel.
Aerobadance - #1308
A high-energy action piece, featuring moog bass, rock guitar and percussion. Great for serious action shots, Sports, drag racing, Dance, etc.
Storybook - #1309
A warm New Age/Classical piece, featuring cello, woodwinds, and 12 string guitar. Very peaceful, and slightly playful. Old World charm.
Relax - #1310
An easy Swing piece with a modern feel. Features electric guitar lead, with piano, bass, and drums in a solid, medium groove.
Galactica - #1311
A dramatic, futuristic theme, with synth lead and high-tech percussion. This medium-tempo piece is great for Science Fiction and Mechanical-Industrial subjects.
Farewell - #1312
An easy Pop piece, featuring oboe and flute leads with piano and string accents. Medium tempo with positive energy. Very versatile.